新開地 - new land

[Photo: My new team in Kyoto, 'GROUND CORE']

慣れしんだチームを後にし、これからお世話になる皆さんにご挨拶してきました。 器具もごっついし ハードな練習してるよな。。。と思いながらきょろきょろする私を、森本代表を始めメンバーのみなさんは親切に迎えてくださいました。

大事なチームメートにお別れしてまで練習する道を選んだんだから、ちゃんと練習しないと!という声が頭の中で聞こえて 気持ちが引き締まります。 

よしやるか! ........ な。 (- -;) ( ← やれへんのかい!)

●● new land ●●

I left the team in Nara last week, and went to meet the new team in Kyoto. Master Morimoto and everyone else gave me a warm welcome.

I was looking around a bit intimidated, and thinking, "wow..., this place's got real-deal training equipments and the members here seem super hardcore..."

Then, I heard a voice in my head saying, "You chose to say goodbye to good friends, and came here. You'd better be training hard!"

That's right... 

OK, let's do it!

..... or, so I think. :p

NRの皆さんありがとうございました! - big thanx

[Photo: NR BJJ Team]

仕事の関係で、奈良で練習時間が取れなくなってしまった為、1年間お世話になった NR柔術を後にし、仕事帰りに練習できるよう、京都のチームに移籍することにしました。

宇原代表 & NR柔術の皆さん、せっかく仲良くなれたのに本当に残念ですが、宇原代表の関西プロ柔術でのMVPや、沢山の新規会員の方々も加わってNRは勢いに乗っていると思います! 応援してます。1年間、ありがとうございました! 柔術仲間として、今後ともよろしくお願いいたします!

●● big thanx ●●

Due to a slight change in my job situation, it became extremely difficult to be back in Nara for training after work. So, I had not choice, but to leave Team Nara, which I spend the whole year since I moved here, and joined a team in Kyoto this week so that I can train on weekdays after work.

A big thanx to everyone in the team for sharing a great training together! The leader, Uraha-san won MVP at Kansai Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Also, team is getting more and more new members recently. The team certainly got the momentum. Keep it going! I'll be cheering for all of you! :)

And most importantly, I'd very much like to stay in touch as BJJ buddies.
Love you all and see you soon at tourneys! :)

京都 - Kyoto




京都にお世話になります! よろしくお願い致します!


●● Kyoto ●●

A couple of reasons why I need to keep popping up in Kyoto arose. So, I went to Fushimi Inari Shrine to say hello to the new city.

This shrine is well known for its thousands of red Torii gates. The one at the front gate especially, had an air of dignity.

Well..., I'll start showing up here, CIty of Kyoto! Don't worry. I'll behave! ;)

変態 - transformation

[Photo: NR BJJ Team in Nara]

NR 柔術のみんな。



●● transformation ●●

A show-off shot of Team NR BJJ.

Hard to imagine most of them were rather chubby, just over 6 months ago...

Often, I hear people say, "oh... I can't lose my belly no matter what I do..." etc.

But, human ability to transform seems to be quite high. ;)

有馬でアフター5☆ - after-work fun in Arima

[Photo: Arima hot spring resort - the main street]

有馬周辺で お仕事でした。 


当然のことながら、現地解散を希望して仲間と別れ、温泉アフター5 ☆


[Photo: Arima Speciality Cocktail]



と思いきや、有馬サイダーと日本酒のコラボは、あまシュワでおいし〜 ☆

これはあたりですな〜 ☆

●● after-work fun in Arima ●●

After the work in Arima Resort (Hyogo Pref.), still a Tokyo girl who hasn't been adapted at all to the Kansai scene, obviously asked to split with colleagues on site and stayed in the resort area for a nice after-work soak in the famous hot spring.

Village build on the hill, dynamic scenery so green...

Totally a place you wanna be back soon.

Often, tourist places like Arima produce a lot of collaboration goods with local products.

And today, I tried Arima Cocktail.

Japanese Sake mixed with Arima Sprite.

Bubbly-sweet and refreshing! 

This gotta be a hit among women. ;)