オアシス - oasis

[Photo: Light Festival "Luminarie" in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan]

先日、職場の人に勧められて、神戸 'ルミナリエ' に仕事帰りに立ち寄りました。


でも、神戸は周囲が山と海にかこまれ夜は真っ暗。 そこにルミナリエがふわっと浮かぶように存在する様子は、東京にはないキラキラさがありました ☆

静寂+暖かみのコンビネーション、いいですね 〜☆

●● oasis ●●

A colleague recommended the light festival in City of Kobe, which I managed to find time to go on Friday night.

People say "there are many other light festivals just like that...."
True.. Ginza, Tokyo has more pretty lighting around this time of the year.

But, the city of Kobe has mountains on the north side and the and ocean on its south end. It is a beautiful port city floating in the dark at night. So... imagine the wave of warm flickering lights in a freezing cold darkness. The combination of silence & warmth really does for me.. :)