ほんわか - nice and warm

[Photo: from left - Tatsuno, Motohiko & Sanae]

柔術の友達、もとひこ君の Wedding 報告会 に行ってきました。


アートを職業とするお二人なので、アート系のお友達も沢山きていて、柔術とアートのインターアクションは? と思いきや、あまりに違いすぎて水と油のように、または風水のマークのように、絶妙なバランスを保ちながら、全くまじる事なく会は終了していました。(笑)

[Photo: BJJ friends gathered to celebrate]

●● nice and warm ●●

Went to a wedding party of my BJJ friend, Motohiko. And, I immediately fell in love with the aura this art couple exudes... so soft and warm..., which seemed to have some sort of a healing effect on us.

They both graduated from art universities. So there were many artists in the party as well as BJJ barbarians.

I was curious to see how these two groups interact. We were all in one confined space for three hours, but, two groups never mixed together like oil and water.

It was like they didn't even feel the presence of each other. Or maybe fair to say we were just like the symbol of Feng Shui, which could be interpreted as perfect balance. ;)

Anyway, the party was a success.
Motohiko & Sanae <3