道 - a path

[Photo: Hampton]

新しい職場がスタートして、やっとfitness に落ち着いて向きあえるようになってきました☆ SCNを通じて海外の柔術家たちが送ってくれる声援に後押しされて やる気もメキメキィっとでてきたし! 
よし! やろか!!!

●● a path ●●

Started a new job and just survived the first week. And, finally, I'm ready to put my focus back on fitness! Because there aren't that many BJJ girls in Kansai region I live in, it's hard to keep myself motivated. But, thanks to all the BJJ girls overseas who post great training photos on SCN.

Thank you, girls.
You've been the great inspiration for me ☆ :-)